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Questions for Couples: Holidays/ Events

When do you put up your Christmas decorations?
When do you take them down?
When is it OK to start listening to/ playing Christmas music?
Can you listen to Christmas music at other times of the year?
What do you do with your Christmas tree when you are done with it?

Do you like Valentines day?
Do you like to give gifts one Valentines day?
What do you think would be an amazing valentines gift?
How do you feel about the valentine colors?
What is your idea of a romantic dinner?

Is the super bowl a holiday in your household?
What's your team?
Do you watch the Superbowl? Does it have to be live?
Are you secretly in it just for the commercials?

How do you feel about March Madness?
Do you like to pick your brackets and then play against family or friends?
If your workplace was doing a tournament would you participate?
Do you bet anything on these games?
Do you watch the games or do you just care about the scores?

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