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Questions for Couples: Exercise

How do you feel about exercise?
How often do you exercise?
Do you ever make new years resolutions about exercise?
What is the longest that you have kept one of these resolutions?
What is the shortest amount of time that you have kept one?

Do you prefer to exercise with a group or by your self?
Do you like to work out at a gym?
Do you prefer exercises that build muscles? How much can you bench?
Do you like exercising by playing sports?

How do you feel about running?
Do you prefer short distance runs or long distance runs?
Is fun-run an oxymoron?
Do you ever run a race even if you know you will lose?
Do you prefer to run alone or do you want your significant other to run with you?

Would you ever run a marathon? half-marathon? Why?
What do you think about work-out videos?
Exercise magazines?

How much time do you spend exercising each day? week? year?
What's your favorite sport?
What's your least favorite sport?

How do you feel about exercising with a video game?
Do you like DDR? Pump it up exceed? or other Dance games?
Have you ever used a Wii for exercise?
What about another video game consoles?

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