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Questions for Couples: Chivalry

In general, do you think Chivalry is a good thing or a bad thing?
In general do you think knights are a good thing? and how do you feel about knights in shining armour? When you picture such a knight does he come with a horse? Describe the horse.

Do you think a man should open doors for a woman? what about other men? what about other women? Do you think a woman should wait for a man to get the door? is there a reasonable waiting period? Does this include all doors? What if there is a second set of doors? What about the doors to a woman's car... should a man get those ones? How about her house? If a man should open a car door for a woman should he get it when she is getting into and out of the car?

Do you think a man should stand when a woman enters the room? What if a dignitary enters the room? Should a man pull out chairs for a lady he is dating? what if they are acquaintances... does that change things?
Should a man do all the ordering in a restaurant? If so what is the proper way to go about this?
Should a man walk in front a woman? what about behind her?

Should men help women get their coats on? or off? would this kind of interaction make you uncomfortable? Would you feel different about this if the man was an acquaintance with the woman? a good friend? courting her? married to her?

Should men put their coats on top of puddles for women? Would you put a coat on a puddle (men)? or walk on it if he did (women)? Afterwards... what would be the appropriate handling of said coat?
Should a man give his coat to a woman? What about his seat, perhaps on the bus? What should a man do if a woman doesn't want his seat? what if she does want the seat, but won't admit it?

Where do your ideas on Chivalry come from? 

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