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Questions for Couples: Halloween II

Do you buy candy for trick or treaters? Do you buy good candy for trick or treaters? Do you buy some lame candy... and a secret stash of the good stuff? Do you let people pick their own candy or do you distribute it? What do you think about leaving out a bowl that says "please take one."?

Would you take your kids to Trick or Treat?  Would you trick or treat without any kids? Do you think parents should dress up when they take their kids to trick or treat?  Do you like the idea of a trunk or treat more or less than traditional trick or treating? Do you ever choose the trick? Have you ever thought of Halloween candy as the juvenile equivalent of protection money? At what age do you think it is safe for kids to go trick or treating without an adult? Do you think parents should get candy when they trick or treat? Do you think there should be some sort of candy tax that entitles a parent to some of the bounty? Even if they don't go? Does the parent get first choice?

How do you feel about redistributing the candy more evenly when kids return home? Do you think there should be a quota on how much candy is consumed? and when? Do you think it is best for kids to just eat the candy as quickly as possible to get it out of their systems fast? Do you ever give out toothbrushes for halloween? How about diabetes pamphlets? Healthy snacks?

How do you feel about homemade goods for trick or treaters? do you trust them? What about fruits? Vegetables? Bread?

Do you know which houses to go to get the best stuff? Do you know which areas have the best candy? Have you ever done a quantitative analysis of the types of candy found in certain areas, as well as the best times to visit such places? Have you ever been that lucky kid that someone just gives all the rest of their candy to; so they can go to bed?

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