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Questions for Couples: Pets

Did you grow up with any pets? Did you have a favorite pet? Did you ever treat a little brother or sister like a pet? Did you have a pet rock? Was his name Rockenstein?

Do you prefer outside pets or pets that mostly stay in the house with you? What type of pet would you be most likely to own? What kind of pet would you be least likely to own? Is there a pet that you have always dreamed of owning, but would probably never actually follow through with?
Are you more likely to own a pet for yourself or for the kids? Really? If your kids asked enough would you finally decide to get them a pet? Would you ever consider owning a snake? a fish? gerbils? Birds? Would you rather have a bird that talks or one that does not talk? If you had a pet that could talk, what kind of words would you teach it?

Do you think pets should be kept on leashes? Do you think having a fence is important if you have an outside pet? Would it bother you if you had to constantly repair your pets "escape routes?" How do you feel about electric fences? Are invisible fences better? Do you think a pet should have their own fenced in area, even if your yard already has a fence? Would you put a tracking chip on your pets collar? would you add one to a pet by surgery or other means?

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