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Questions for Couples: Germs II

Do you go to work even if you're sick? Are you more likely to stay home so you don't get other people sick... or just because you might want a day off? How sick do you have to be to take a sick day? Will you visit friends when you're sick? Do you visit friends when they are sick? Do you make your decision based on the type of illness? Do you ever tell people to stay away when you're  sick? What about when they are sick?

Do you cover your mouth when you sneeze? Do you sneeze into your  elbow? Do you ever sneeze into your shirt? Do you make funny noises when you sneeze? Do you think it might be bad for you to try to suppress a sneeze?

Do you ever carry tissues with you? Do you always carry tissues? Is it ever ok to reuse a tissue? What about handkerchiefs, can they be reused? How do you feel about sharing a handkerchief?

Do you think kissing is an unsanitary practice? Do you believe the reports that say kissing can actually boost your immune system? Or do you think those were probably just made up by somebody looking for some action? Do you think kissing someones hand is more hygienic or less so than a traditional kiss? Would you ever kiss someones feet? Would it gross you out if somebody kissed your feet? Would you ever kiss some one when you were sick? What about if they were sick? Is a sick person fair game as long as you are sick as well... or vice versa? Have you ever had mono...?

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