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Questions for Couples: Jewelry II

Would you rather have a big diamond, or a small one?
Would you rather have a big diamond or an expensive one?
Diamonds are generally rated with four C's: Cut, color, clarity, and Carat. Which of these do you think is the most important?
Do you think cut (as is shape) is more important or less important than cut (as in table height, or skill used in creating the diamonds shape)

How important is a diamonds color to you? Do you know the diamond color scale? What ratings would you use?  How do you feel about diamonds that are different colors; like red or purple?

How important do you think the karat rating of gold is?
Do you prefer 10k gold? 14k? 18k? or 24k?
Do you have any metal allergies?
Are there certain metals that you don't want your jewelry alloyed with?

Do you like to wear necklaces? What kind of necklaces do you prefer?
How do you feel about pearls?  How do you feel about colored pearls? Carved pearls?

Do you ever wear bracelets? Do you have a charm bracelet?
Do you collect charms from the various places that you visit? How much would you spend on a bracelet... or a charm? How do you feel about Livestrong type bracelets? What about other message bracelets?

Do you like to wear rings on your fingers? Do you like to wear a lot of rings?
Do you wear rings on both hands? What criteria do you look for in a ring?
Is the look of a ring or the cost of a ring a more important factor for you?

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