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Questions for Couples: Communication

Do you prefer to use a person's name or a nickname? How do you feel about short versions of a persons name? How do you feel about nicknames that are not related to a persons actual name? Have you ever considered legally changing your name? To muffin?

Do you like to use pet names (for your significant other) that are based on food? Do you like pet names that are animal related? Are there pet names or nicknames that you would not like to be called? Are there some words or phrases that you would like to be used when a significant other talks about you?  to you?

Will you call your children by their full names? Will you call your children by names that are not on their birth certificate? What do you expect your children to call you? How do you feel about your children calling you by your first name? How do you feel about your children calling other adults by their first names?

Are there words that you don't want your children to say? How will you teach them about these words? Are there words that you can say that your children can not? Will you use different words in public and in private? 
What words do you use when you are frustrated or angry? How do you describe bad days or situations?
Do you use some terms for fecal matter (poop) and avoid others?

Are there words so obscene that you just won’t use them?

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