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Question: AGE

So I thought I would start this out with a very simple but very interesting topic.
In dating how important is Age?
What does it mean? and Why is it relevant?

And of course, how should/ do people decide what ages they should/ could be dating?

Feel free to share your thoughts on this, even if I already know them.


warnser said...

I think age is important at least on some levels, but maturity is also a relevant part of age. Sometimes the numbers don't provide a full picture, but they do provide good reference points.

Cardine said...

I think that age is important as far as compatibility goes. It's harder to relate to someone who is in a significantly different life situation than you. So, I think that it is/can be a factor in attraction. I think we are attracted to people who tend to fit better into our current life habits, whatever those may be. Age just tends to correlate with that positively.

Anonymous said...

I think age consideration is important for "serious dating", but not for "casual dating." I would accept a date from a guy who is considerably older or younger than me (if there were no other reservations, of course). I may go out with him more than once without giving much attention to the age difference. (Clarification: It would constantly be on my mind, but it wouldn't stop me from going on dates soley due to age difference.) Who knows... maybe that lucky guy will be quite a different age than me, and if I put up walls based soley on age, we may not end up together.

As far as how important it is in "serious dating," I would agree with the maturity comment, the reference point comment, the relating comment, etc... okay, pretty much everything you guys already said... I agree.

As far as how I decide: if someone is too young or too old "for me" I won't be initially attracted to them. It's that simple, I think. Usually, if they're too young "for me", I'll think, "he's 12 years old" or something like that - even if he may be 21, or what have you.

Now, having said all that: I actually know the year of birth and the first letter of the last name of the man I am going to marry. ;)

Cardine said...

Sarah - what? You know the year of birth and the first letter of the last name of the man you're going to marry?

Anonymous said...

Hee, hee.... it's just a little joke I have with my sister. I'll have to tell you about it sometime. :)

It's actually pretty annoying, really.

warnser said...

I heard something the other day that it is best for people to find someone who is within a year of their own age. I have of course heard other guidelines; People should date in their decade, Half your age plus seven (or half their age +7 if you're the young one), Plus or minus five, etc. Honestly I think there is some value to these. I think that the further apart a couple is age-wise the more likely that they will have more unexpected differences. And the closer to ones own age (both literally and in other ways) someone is, the stronger their potential foundation can start out.
Is age insurmountable? No. Is it significant? Yes.

Anonymous said...

I honestly don't think there is much value to those.

I would change my mind, if you could calculate other matters of love by the same method.

Cardine said...

I could make an economic model of love, probably... :)