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LDS Questions for Couples

Strictly LDS-based questions:
1. Are you temple-worthy?
2. How often do you want to go to the temple?
3. Are you a full tithe payer?
4. What are your habits as far as other church giving is concerned?
5. How diligent are you in your home/visiting teaching?
6. If I asked you for a blessing right now, could you give me one?
7. What is your philosophy as far as the accepting of church callings go?
8. If I had a time-consuming church calling, in what form would you want or not want to support me in it?
9. How important is modesty to you?
10. What kinds of clothes would you expect our children to wear/not wear?
11. Do you have any restrictions as far as movies are concerned? i.e. no R, PG-13, PG, etc.?
12. At what age would you let your/our children date?
13. Do you listen to a lot of EFY music/ What are you feelings about EFY music?
14. What is your philosophy as far as watching TV on Sunday? Doing homework? Working?
15. What is your philosophy on fasting?
16. To you, what does it mean to be a full tithe payer?
17. Have you had any issues with church leaders in the past or do you currently have problems with them?
18. What is your philosophy on family prayer, family scripture study, and family home evening?

These questions were submitted by some of my friends.

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