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Questions for Couples: Halloween III

Do you have special Halloween traditions? Do you throw a Halloween party? Do you go to Halloween parties? Do you decorate for Halloween? Is it kind of absurd how much you decorate for Halloween?

Do you have any special Halloween foods that you like? Chili/ Soup in Bread-bowls? Donuts?

Do you ever attend a church service for All Hallow's eve? Do you light candles? Do you visit the graves of loved ones who have passed on? Do you have any special foods that you eat for Halloween? Do you avoid meat for this holiday?

How do you feel about bobbing for apples? Are you good at it? What is your favorite pumpkin flavored food? Do you decorate pumpkins for Halloween? Do you prefer to carve a pumpkin or add stuff to it, like markers or paint? Do you prefer traditional Jack-o'-lanterns, or would you rather carve a fancy design or scene into one? Do you light your pumpkin with a candle or a light bulb? Do you think it is best to put the candle in through the top or the bottom of the pumpkin? Do you know what a pumpkin walk is? Have you ever been to a pumpkin walk that was so awesome you wanted to do it again every single year?

How do you feel about haunted houses? Do you prefer the kind that are really scary? Do you like the ones where you have to touch crazy things? What about the ones where people touch you? Do you have a Holiday tradition of visiting a corn maze? Do you prefer haunted corn mazes or regular ones? Are you good at corn mazes?

How do you react to surprises? Are you super clingy when you're frightened? Would you rather be the leader or the follower?

Do you like to tell scary stories? Are you any good at it? Do you like to hear scary stories? Do you like horror films? Do you prefer slashers, or psychological thrillers? Abbot and Costello? Scooby Doo?

How do you feel about Halloween pranks? How do you feel about pranks in general? What was the last prank you played on someone? Have you ever been in a prank war? Does anyone ever win a prank war, or does everybody kind of lose?

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