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Questions for Couples: Pets V

Would you give your pets free reign of the house? Would you give them their own room? Maybe partial custody of a room like the laundry room or a bathroom? Would you let your dog sleep in your bed? Even if this prevented you from getting a good nights rest? Would you get up in the middle of the night to let your pet out of the house to go potty? Would you put your pets in their own structures outside the house? Would you build them a mansion? with working power? and a tv?
Do you think dog houses should have windows in them? With glass windows that open and close?

Would you ever send your dog to a kennel? If you were going out of town would you be more likely to put your dog in a place where they could play a lot? with individual attention? or would you look for a place specifically to feed them? would you take your own food to the caretakers? or would you rather find an all inclusive style lodging? What do you think about pet resorts? what about day-spas for pets? Would you look for lodging that would bathe your pet?

How often do you think pets should be washed? Is this in indoor or an outdoor activity? Have you ever been injured trying to clean an animal? Why do you think cats hate water so much? Do you think pets should be washed with soap, or is water enough? Would you brush your pets teeth? Would you get them a dentist? Do you think it is best to wash all your pets at once or do you need a break and time to recover after one or two?

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