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Questions for Couples: Amusement Parks III

Would kids make your amusement park experience better or worse? Do you like rides built specifically for kids? What would you do if a kid in your group wasn't tall enough to ride some of the rides? Do you like "terror rides?" Do you think they were scarier when you were a kid?

Have you ever finished a ride and then reentered the line for that same ride? Do you like to ride the same ride over and over again? is it better to go through the whole park and then come back to some of your favorite rides or to re-ride some of the good rides while you are there?

What are some of your favorite rides at amusement parks? What are some of your least favorite? Are there rides that are better than you expected them to be? Are there rides that you didn't like as much as you thought you would? Do you think some rides get hyped too much? Have you created a ride-value to line length matrix to determine which rides give the best bang for the buck?

How long of a line are you willing to wait in? What do you think about express lines? Do you know how to get express passes? Do you think people with small children should get better lines? what about large groups? What about veterans? Handicapped people? Have you ever tried to "Beat the system?" Have you ever waited in the wrong line? Would you leave the line if you got to the front, but found out that it was for the wrong ride? Does the length of the line help you determine which rides to ride? or when you ride them? Would you ride a water ride early in the morning or late at night if it had a short line? even if that meant you might be cold for a while afterward?

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