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Questions for Couples: Safety

Do you like fireworks? Do you ever light your own? Do you like the illegal ones? Do you take safety precautions with your fireworks? What precautions do you take?

How would you feel about your kids lighting fireworks?
Do you light fireworks only during officially designated times? How do you feel about firework restrictions? Designated firework lighting areas or parking lots? Do you know a good way to put out a fire? Do you know multiple ways to put out a fire? Have you ever "put out a fire," but later found out that your fire was still burning?

Is your house properly protected by smoke alarms? Do you smoke alarms ever go off for no good reason? Have your smoke alarms ever gone off for a good reason? Do you set off your smoke alarms often? Do you think heat sensors are better than smoke alarms? How do do feel about infrared sensors? Do you think it is important to have sprinklers in your house? Do you think your fire alarms should be connected to a monitoring service? Do you have an evacuation plan if your house catches on fire? Do you have a designated meeting place in case of emergency? Do you have one of those cool rope ladders to help you get out of a building? Have you ever tried to use one? In other words in an emergency would you know what to do? or are you more likely to just "wing-it" and hope things go well?

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