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Questions for Couples: Jealousy

Do you consider yourself to be a jealous person?
Do others consider you to be very jealous?
Do you think others should be jealous of you?
Do you like it when other people are jealous of you?
What is your most enviable attribute?

What kind of things make you jealous? Money? Things? Big Houses? "Perfect Families"? Vacations? Physically fit people/ a nice body? People with a lot of free time? Is the grass really always greener on the other side? Are you jealous of people who have a well developed talent?

Do you get jealous when your significant other makes more money than you? Does it  make you jealous when somebody has more friends than you? Would you be jealous if your spouse wanted to spend time with some of their other friends? Would you be jealous if your spouse was talking with someone of the opposite gender? What if your spouse was kind of flirtatious? What if the flirting was just so they could get better service, free stuff, or good deals?

Would it bother you if your spouse kept in contact with old girlfriends/boyfriends? What if an old love interest wanted to meet for drinks? dinner? a movie? Would if bother you if one of your spouses former girlfriends/boyfriends lived in your neighborhood? What if they gave your spouse gifts?

Would you be jealous if your spouse wanted to spend time with their family? Do you think your spouse should love you more than their family? Do you measure the size of your brownies to make sure your spouse doesn't get a bigger piece than you?

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