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Questions for Couples: Camping

How much do you like camping?
How often do you go camping? how often would you go if you could?
What do you consider camping? is it anything away from home? Is a motorhome camping? Can you have electricity and still be camping? what about a cabin? tent? Do you believe that all real camping is out under the stars? even if it's raining?

How do you feel about camping in the snow? Rain? Heat? Wind?
Can you start a fire? with a single match? without any matches? can you teach me how?

Are you usually the first person to get up in the morning when you go camping? are you the last one to get up?
Do you like to get up and get the fire going? what about food? do you like to wait until breakfast is ready to get up?

How do you feel about living off the land while you camp? Wild mushrooms? Fishing?
Do you like fishing? are you any good? Does that question inspire you to tell a "fish story?" Do you prefer fly fishing? catch and release? trolling? casting?

Do you own a boat? Kayaks? do you like boating? Kayaking? canoeing?

How often when you go camping do you take boats? Bikes? other recreational activities? Gameboys? Ipods? Cell phones?

When was the last time you went camping?
Do you like to camp with reservations? on reservations? along the side of the road? in the middle of nowhere?
in caves? with bears?

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