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Questions for Couples: Safety

Do you wear your seat belt? Do it matter if you're driving? Do you do it to stop the car from beeping at you? Would you stop the car if your passengers were not belted? Does it change things if you (or your passengers) are in the back seat?

Does your car have an Alarm? Do you use it? Would you ever use a house alarm for a car?
Do you leave valuable things... or things that look valuable in your car? How often do you leave your keys in your car? Have you ever had to break into your car?

Would you ever buy a home security system? Would you buy the top of the line security or would you buy the minimum? Would you consider a Do-it-yourself security system? Would you regret doing-it-yourself a few weeks later? If you had a security system would it be more valuable to you when you are home or when you are not?

Do you lock your doors at night? Do you lock your doors during the day? Do you lock your windows? Do you lock your door/windows when you are home? Do you use a deadbolt? Do you use a lot of deadbolts?

Do you secure your sliding doors with dowels? Do you take any extra measures to secure your windows?
Do you leave your outside lights on while you are gone? Do you leave inside lights on for safety when you are gone? Do you think having lights on a timer is a good idea?

Would you ever put a sign in your yard to help give the sense of security? would you use a fake sign to make your house look more secure? would you keep a dog to make your home more secure? would you keep a fake dog to make your house look more secure? What about guard lions? or crocodiles?

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