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Questions for Couples: Recycling

Do you believe in recycling? Do you actually recycle things?
Do you recycle paper? Plastics? Metals? Glass? Cell phones? Printer Cartridges? Batteries? 'New Kids on the Block' Posters (circa 1997)?

Do you recycle for money? Would you make your kids collect pop cans or newspapers to earn some extra cash?
Why do you recycle? because it's fun? because you need cash? to save the planet of course? Because you saw something on TV that made it seem cool?

Do you have a separate bin for recyclables? Do you have separate your recyclables from each other?
Do you clean out containers before you recycle them? do you take off the labels?

How do you feel about Freecycling? Would you be more likely to participate as a giver or a receiver?
How do you feel about dumpster diving? Would you pull out furniture? Clothes? food in a sealed container? food in a somewhat less than sealed container?

How do you feel about Craigslist? Have you ever sold anything there? have you ever given anything away through the site? do you ever go on there just to see what you can find? have you ever found anything good?

What about ebay? Are you a buyer? A seller? a skeptic? Do you prefer to buy things from Amazon? Even if they are used?

Do you have any reusable shopping bags? Do you ever remember to use them?

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