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Questions for Couples: Driving

Do you own a car? What kind is it?
Does it work? Do you like it?
If you could change one thing about your car, what would it be?

Do you think you are a good driver? Do your friends and family agree with you?
Do you like to drive fast? How fast do you drive?
How close to the Speed Limit do you like to drive?

How do you feel about other people that speed?
How do you feel when others drive too slowly?
Does driving usually make you mad or relax you?

How do you feel about people that talk on their cell phones while they are driving?
What if they are in bumper to bumper traffic? Do you talk on your cell phone while driving? Do you 'text' and drive? How do you feel about people who do?

Have you ever run a red light? Was it late and night... with nobody around? Does that make a difference? Do you run red lights often? What do you think about yellow lights?

Do you follow at a safe distance behind other drivers? How do you measure it? Three seconds? Four seconds? If you said four seconds do you work for the post office?

Do you use your turn signals? Do you use them to change lanes?
Does it make you mad when other people don't use them? Do you ever leave your turn blinker blinking? If the GPS says to 'Turn here' do you listen to it?

Do you ever leave your car running when you have to do something else?
Do you ever leave your lights on when you get out of the car? If your check engine light comes on, do you check it? How long do you wait in between oil changes?
how often do you check your oil?

What kind of gas do you buy?
Have you heard of Hyper-miling (trying to use your gas in crazy efficient ways)?
Is this a practice that you participate in... or perhaps are considering?
Do you like to fill your tank a) only when it's empty b) when you get about halfway to empty c) every time you drive d) wait you mean it doesn't just refill itself?

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