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Questions for Couples: Food

Do you have any Holiday food traditions?
What do you eat for Thanksgiving Dinner?
What do you do for Birthdays?
How many meals do you eat each day?
Who prepared the meals in your family?
Do you think that a family should eat together? For which meals?
How often did your dad cook meals?
How often did your mom cook for you?
How important are your family recipes to you?
How often do you cook?

How well do you cook?
What do you think about a cooked breakfast?
How often do you like to eat out?
What type of restaurants do you like the most?
What type of restaurants do you like the least?
How picky are you about your pizza?
What is your favorite kind/ brand of pizza?
How do you think cooking duties should be divided?
How important is this to you?
How do you think shopping duties should be divided?

Are there stores for which you have strong feelings?
Do you prefer to buy things at one store or shop around?
What are your feelings on coupons?
Are there any specialty stores that you like to frequent?
Do you have any food allergies?
Are there foods that you will not eat?
Are there foods where you have to buy certain brands?
What are your feelings about fruits and vegetables?
Do you want to have a garden?
Who decides what will be planted in the garden?

Who takes care of the garden? Watering? Weeding?
What are your thoughts on pesticides?
Who will harvest your produce?
Do you make your own juice?
What are your thoughts on canning?
What are your thoughts on food storage?

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