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Question: Differences

Today's Question deals with differences.
It is both one question and a series.
So here you go.

In a relationship, how important is race or culture?
What about economic background? and economic present?
What about social and educational backgrounds?

What are the significant differences between people?


Cardine said...

I think that all of those items can be significant if we choose to let them be. If one or both of the partners have specific expectations because of any of these areas, it can be significant enough to create a mismatch. But it depends on the person.

Having said that, I think that people tend to be more attracted to other people who are similar to themselves in those areas.

warnser said...

I agree that these things can all be a lot more consequential if we let them, but I also think that sometimes even when we don't want these things to be a big deal, these differences, and others, can create significant difficulties, because of the nature of the differences.