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Questions for Couples: Vacations

What is your vacation style?
Do you want to go and relax?
Do you want to cram in as much cool stuff as possible?
Is sleeping-in a requirement? What about sleeping period?
Do you care more for low prices or fun things?
Is your priority eating familiar foods or do you like to try something uniquely local?
If you've seen one museum, have you truly seen them all? Really Dad?
If traveling over a Sunday, do you want to attend church in the area?
If yes, all of church or just Sacrament Meeting?
If no, do you care if the people you are with go, or will that derail your schedule?

Do you expect to do everything with the people you travel with or do you plan to go your own way every now and then?
Are you particular about your traveling companion's suitcase cleanliness when staying more than one night in the same place?
Would you consider brown-bagging a meal or two?
Would you sacrifice and/or postpone greatly eating a meal in order to arrive at a destination earlier?
How far are you willing to travel in a day?
Will you use the most cost-effective method or the most comfortable?
Would you take a taxi? What about a bus? The train or subway?
How do feel about cruising? What about flying?
Will you travel outside the U.S.?
How long is your ideal vacation?
Do you prefer to repeat favorite vacation destinations? Or are you more interested in going someplace new?
How do you feel about camping? What about R.V.s?
Do you need your own personal entourage just for your luggage? Is one carry-on all you ever need?
What are your hotel amenity requirements?
Do you prefer to visit family and stay with them?

What about visiting family and not staying with them?
If visiting family do you want to sight-see with them or just visit them?
Is planning part of the fun for you?
Would you rather plan a vacation than go on one?
Do you want reservations at every stop or just whatever is available when you get there?
What about traveling during the peak vacation season? For or against?
Do large crowds of other vacationers make you stay away?
Are you willing to do typical tourist stuff?
Would you do a spa vacation?
What about thrill-seeking/extreme activities?

Do you snore? If yes, how badly?
Do you talk in your sleep? If yes, do you say anything interesting?
Do you take hotel mini-shampoos, etc.? What about towels or pillows? Where do you draw the line?
How do you feel about tipping? Are you more on the generous or cheap side? Who do you tip? Cab drivers? Maids?
If flying, do you go first-class or economy?
Are there airlines that you won't fly with?
Do you like to travel on your own or with a group?
If with a group, on an official tour?
Do you speak any foreign languages? If yes, do you mind translating?

Submited by my sister (with contributions from me).


Anonymous said...

Just wondering... when do you feel couples ought to know the answers (either their own answer or their spouse's/future spouse's answer) to all these questions? And what sort of percentage-if you're bringing math into it ;) -do you think is normal/acceptable to have differing answers between the two?

Cardine said...

The personal entourage one made me laugh!

Also, Sarah, this would be an excellent time to thank you, again, for being a great travel companion. I mean, ... the forethought to bring snacks... and your Mary Poppins bag that somehow can fit everything. Awesome.

warnser said...

I think that all through a relationship, and especially in the early stages, people should start asking their questions.

As for the other part of your question, I guess that get a little bit more tricky. Some questions may not be important to a couple, but some of the questions that a person might think are not important could end up causing a lot of friction.

I think that it is probably good for a couple to agree on, or at least have compatible styles a majority of the questions. But I also think that it is more important for the couple to agree on the questions that are most important to that couple.

I don't think that a couple should have to answer all of the questions that they could answer, but I think the process of finding out about each other is extremely important, and questions are a good place to start that process.

As to percentages, I could make a guess, but I probably could do much more.

Sometimes the process is more important than the actual answers.

Without a good process, even a good number of agreements may not be enough to create a quality relationship.

Again I don't think some of the questions on this blog should be asked early on. I think there are definitely stages, but that is not my place...

Normal and acceptable to have different answers? Yes I would say most if not all relationships will have some difference, but the more differences there are the more I think a couple should try to step back and see if this is really what they want, and if it is what they will want, even when things get more difficult.