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Questions for Couples

1. What are your expectations for employment? Are both of you expected to be employed or will one person stay at home and raise children full time?
2. What are your preferences and restrictions as far as where to live? Is there a place you have to live? Or are you flexible?
3. With how much frequency are you in contact with your mom or dad?
4. What are your expectations as far as wedding receptions go? (i.e. what is your mom going to make me do?)
5. What are your feelings about birth control?
6. Do you want to rent or get a house immediately?
7. Are you in debt?
8. Do you have any food restrictions? Or even extreme pickiness with regard to some foods?
9. Do you believe in going to doctors and getting medicine?
10. Do you have health problems or any that run in the family?
11. Are you on medication? Like, do you use anti-depressants?
12. Do you have any sexually-transmitted diseases?
13. Do you have any children?
14. Are you addicted to pornography?
15. Do you have a history of pornography viewership?
16. Do you gamble?
17. Do you like to be pampered or waited on when you're sick or do you want to be left alone?
18. Which philosophy do you subscribe to: sleep on it or don't go to bed angry?
19. How short is your fuse? How much of a temper do you have?
20. Do you have a history of violence?
21. Would you ever hit someone because you were angry?
22. Do you like children?
23. Do you want children?
24. Is there a certain number of children that you want to have?
25. How frugal are you?
26. Do you spend your paycheck when you get it or do you have a budget and savings plan?
27. Do you know how much money is in your checking account right now?
28. How often do you exercise?
29. Do you plan on staying fit after you get married?
30. What time do you go to bed?
31. What time do you get up?
32. Do you have any special restrictions or desires for birthing? i.e. do you only believe in home births? Are you against the use of drugs during birth?
33. What is your stance on immunizations?
34. Do you have any opinions regarding public school vs home schooling vs private schooling?
35. What family traditions do you have that you would want to carry into the relationship?
36. Which holidays do we need to spend at your family's house?
37. What do you like to do on Sundays?
38. Are you obsessed with anything (such as sports, movies, movie stars, knitting, cats, cars, guns, exercise, sleep, chocolate, drugs)
39. Will you play volleyball with my friends and I on Thursday nights?
40. Is there a sport that you like that you want me to watch you play or play with you?
41. What are your hobbies/recreation preferences and limits?
42. Do you have a valid passport?
43. Are you a legal U.S. citizen?
44. Are you afraid of spiders or insects, and will you kill them? (oh, and snakes)
45. What are your feelings about hunting/fishing and your/my participation in them?
46. If there were a draft, would you dodge it?
47. Do you have any extreme fears?
48. What are your homemaking skills?
49. Are you able to feed yourself without the use of fast food or restaurants?
50. Can you do your own laundry?
51. What is your philosophy regarding the toilet seat and its up/down status?
52. Do you have any strong feelings about where to squeeze the toothpaste tube?
53. Do you have a certain way that the toilet paper roll needs to lie?
54. Do you want to have kids right away?
55. Could you imagine populating the earth with me?
56. How much alone time do you expect or need?
57. What are your expectations as far as dating after a marriage?
58. If we are unable to have children, what are your feelings about adoption, in vitro fertilization, etc.?
59. Are you attracted to members of the same sex?
60. Have you had any experiences or transactions that would have future repercussions? i.e. baggage?
61. Do you swear a lot?
62. How much time do you spend online?
63. How much time do you spend watching television?
64. Will you buy me flowers after we're married?
65. How much do you expect to hang out with your friends after we're married?
66. How much do you expect me to hang out with my friends after we're married?
67. Will you hang out with my friends now and after we're married?
68. Are there any friends of the opposite sex with whom you will want to stay in somewhat frequent contact?
69. What is your philosophy as far as maintaining friendships with people of the opposite sex?
70. Are there any members of the opposite sex that you will want to avoid or that I can help you avoid?
71. Do you have a history of substance abuse of any kind?
72. Do you have expectations as far as children's participation in sports or music/art?
73. Do you have a history of abuse (being the abuser or the person who has been abused)?
74. How clean do you expect your living environment to be?
75. How often do you shower?
76. Are there any issues in your immediate or extended family that I should be aware of?
77. Have you ever had depression?
78. Is there a history of mental illness in your family?
79. What is your political affiliation, if any?
80. What are your expectations as far as sex goes? i.e. frequency?
81. Do you have issues with people touching you?
82. Do you have emotional boundary issues?
83. What are your expectations as far as raising children goes? How often will you be willing to watch them or change their diapers, for example?

These questions were submitted by friends.

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