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Questions for Couples: Service

Do you like serving other people?
Do you let other people serve you? Are you happy about it?
What if somebody does something for you that you can do yourself?
How would you react if somebody did something for you that you didn't want done?

Would you rake your neighbors leaves for them? Would you do it without them asking?
Do you know your neighbors?
Would you shovel their sidewalks in the winter?
Would you shovel their walks before or after you shoveled your own?
Would it change things if you had a snowblower?
Would you use this as a reason to get a snowblower?
What if you could shovel the sidewalks with a four wheeler?
Would you hire someone to do a job that you could do if you knew they needed the money?
Do you think it is service if you get paid to do it?

What is your favorite service project you've been involved with?
What is your least favorite kind of service?
Is it easier for you to serve people that you do know or people that you don't know?
Are you the kind of person who is more likely to plan a service project, or the kind to help someone else carry out their plans?
Do you like occasional, but large service projects? or small but frequent acts of service?
Do you like service that you can do by yourself? Or do you prefer to work in a group?
Do you like your service to be Anonymous? or do you like to be able to interact with the people you are serving?

Have you ever made food for a funeral? Was it those tasty potatoes?
Do you take food to your neighbors when they have a baby?
Would you offer to tend your neighbors kids? What about your nieces or nephews?

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