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Questions for Couples (Advanced): Children

Advanced questions are questions that might be important to discuss, but may not be the kind of thing that would work on say, a first date for instance.
A few of these are being reprinted from an earlier posting

How do you feel about children?
Do you want to have children?
Do you know how many children you want to have?
How will you/ did you decide how many you want?
Who will ultimately decide how many children you have?

When would you like to have children?
Do you think you should be married first?
Do you think that there should be a waiting period after you get married?
How far apart would you like to space your kids?
How will you decide when to stop having kids?

What methods would you be willing to use to affect the number of kids you have?
Would you use condoms? Birth control medications? Timing? Abstinence?

Would you consider surgery as a method to control the number of children you have?
Would you be more open to surgery for you or for your spouse?
Are there other ideas that you would pursue to effect the number of kids you have?

Would you be more likely to stop having kids if you had a child born with some handicaps? Would you be more likely to have more?

Would you be interested in raising twins? Triplets? sextuplets? Do you have a history of twins in your family? Would you give them cute rhyming names?

If you had twins would you be interested in having more kids?
If you have a good chance of having twins would you keep going until you got some?
Would you keep having kids in order to get a son/ daughter?
Do you think the number of children you have of each sex is important?
Do you think there is any way to influence what gender your children are?
Would you try to influence the gender of your children if you could?
Are you the kind of person who wants to know what gender your kids are going to have before they are born? Does it make a difference if it is your first child?
Do you want to pick your kids names before they are born, or after you see them?
Would you be willing to genetically engineer/modify/protect your children if you could?

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