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Questions for Couples: Education

Do you feel strongly about education?
How much education do you have?
How important do you think formal education is? What about degrees?
Would you get a degree from an unaccredited school? why or why not?

How do you feel about preschool? Did you attend one? do you want your kids to attend one? would you ever try to run one?

Do you have any educational licenses? How important do you think licenses and accreditations are?

Would you ever home school your kids? would you home school other peoples children? How do you feel about educational co-ops, where groups of parents teach different subjects to each others children?

Do you prefer public school or private schools? what about charter schools?
What do you think are the advantages of each? what do you think are their disadvantages?
Are you willing to consider that they may not be what you think that they are?

Would you prefer a church run school? What about a church-like school? Would you attend (or send kids to) a school that was affiliated with a different religion?

How important do you think religious education is?

Would you ever send your kids to a boarding school? an out-of-state boarding school? a youth wilderness program?

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