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Questions for Couples: Education II

Did/ do you like school?
What was your favorite subject? What was your least favorite?
Did you have a favorite teacher? Why were they your favorite?

Did you take music lessons when you were younger? Did you practice?
How do you feel about music lessons? What instruments do you play?
What instruments do you wish you could play?

Have you ever taken band classes? Orchestra? Painting classes? Ceramics? Drama classes?

What class do you think you learned the most from? What class (es) do you think you learned the least from? What were your favorite subjects while you were in school? What were your least favorite subjects? What types of classes did you do well?

Did you ever eat school lunch? How was it? Did you ever pack a lunch? Did you ever eat off-campus? Do you like the idea of schools having vending machines?

Did you take a foreign language in school? Did you learn a foreign language in school? Do you know any ASL? What languages do you know? what languages do you wish you knew?

Have you ever participated in a study-abroad program? Would you let your kids spend a semester in a foreign country? Does the specific country matter? Would you let them spend a year? Do you think service abroad programs are educational? How do you feel about service in a foreign country without a sponsoring organization? How do you feel about Peace Corps?
Would it make your decision easier or harder if they were going with a friend? What if the friend was not their same gender? What if they went with a larger group of people?

Do you think there are subjects that everybody should study? If yes what subjects do you think everybody should learn? Do you think it is better for a person to really excel at one thing, or to have a basic understanding of a lot of things? How involved do you think a child should be in setting their curriculum? Do you think that anyone can learn anything?

Are there books that you think everyone should read? Is "Up from Slavery" one of them? Are there books that you don't think people should read? Did you have/use Encyclopedias when you were growing up? Do you think you will actually own a set of encyclopedias?

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