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Questions for Couples: Games

Does your family have any gaming traditions?
Do you like to play games?
What types of games do you play? Board games? Video games? Card games?
Large group games? Word games? Role-playing games? Solitaire games?
What is your favorite Solitaire game?

Do you play Computer games? What kind?
Farmville? Halo? Sims? Second Life? Tetris?
Do you have strong feelings about first person Shooter games?
Does your feeling about these games change if you are fighting monsters?
Aliens? Fictional Characters? the undead?

Do you have a video game system? How many do you have?
What kind is it? What do you like to play on it?
How often do you like to play?
Do you expect me to play with you?
Will you let me play with you?

Do you have accessories for your game systems? Which ones do you have?

What games did you play as a child?
Are you addicted to any games? are you sure?
What is your best score on Minesweeper?

Do you play games with face cards? why or why not?
Do you like to play poker? Black Jack? something else?
Do you like to gamble? how good are you at these things?
How often do you play?
How much $$$ will you spend? How much have you won?
Where do you do it?

Do you have any monthly subscriptions to be able to play any games?
Do you have any other monthly subscriptions to services, magazines, or
entertainment? What are they? How attached are you to them?

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