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Questions for Couples: Travel

Do you like to travel?
Do you have travel goals, plans, traditions, or expectations?  What are they?
When traveling, do you make your plans based on the destination or the activity?  Explain.
Do you like to use a travel agent?

Are you willing to travel to 3rd world countries?What do you consider a 3rd world country?
Do you only like tropical locations?
Are you comfortable traveling to countries where you don't know the language?
Are there some countries that you don't want to visit?

When traveling, do you like to do humanitarian service?
Do you have to stay in 4 star hotels? Have you tried the 'President' in Athens? (I hear it's excellent).
Do you prefer to stay in hostels?
Are you willing to stay in a place with a shared bathroom?

When traveling, do you have to have every minute planned, or are you flexible to relaxation time?
Do you get grumpy if you walk too much? Too little?
Do you like to sleep in on vacation or wake up early?
Do you like to be a part of tour groups, or do you like to find your own way?

Do you like to go to church while traveling?
What do you feel is appropriate for the Sabbath while traveling?
Is that important to you?
Do you pack light, or do you have a lot of luggage?
Do you like to take a lot of pictures?  Video?

Do you have a current passport? If so passport card or passport book?
Do you have dual-citizenship? Fake IDs?
Does your country allow you to leave the premises?
Can you get visas to other countries?
Do you only want to travel in your own country? 

Are you able to be completely away from business for a week or more? Family? Your phone?  Your Laptop? Facebook? How long can you be?

Do you know how to haggle for pricing at marketplaces?
Are you okay with long flights?
How do you feel about taking public transportation in other countries?
Do you have to fly first class?
How frequently do you like to travel?
How much time can you get off for vacations?
How long do you like your vacations to be?

Do you believe in doing staycations?

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