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Memorial Day Special: Questions for Couples

When you think of Memorial Day what do you think?
Do you celebrate Memorial Day?
Do you visit a cemetery?
Do you visit multiple cemeteries?
Do you have to visit every cemetery where you have relatives?
Do you think of Memorial Day as a day to celebrate anyone who is no longer living? Anyone who has served in the military? Specifically those died in the civil war?
How do you feel about veterans?
How do you feel about the military?

Do you take flowers to graves? If yes what kind of flowers? Does the type of flower matter to you? Does the color of flower matter to you? Would you take fake flowers to a grave? Would you take flowers from another's grave?
Do you like to go early to clean headstones?
Have you ever lost someone close to you?
How many grandparents do you have living?
Do you know where all of your relatives are buried?
Is Memorial Day more about those who have past on or those that you are with?
Does Memorial Day make you sad?
Would you fly a flag for memorial day?
When you visit a cemetery do you prefer to know where you are going, or to wander until you find your relatives?
How do you feel about walking through cemeteries?
Are there places that you won't walk?
Would you sit on a headstone?
Do you have feelings about hats in a cemetery?
Do you know what a dirge is? do you have any feelings about them?

Do you have any other memorial day traditions?
Barbeques? Picnics? Softball games? Camping?
Does Memorial Day = Watermelon? Can you pick a good watermelon?

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